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Llandudno Coach Trip - Monday 24 June - Tina Yearsley
Once again, the sun shone brightly in Llandudno. As the coach dropped us off near the seafront, the group dispersed in different directions. A few of us headed straight to the tram station to be taken up to the Great Orme. We enjoyed lunch taking in the spectacular views.
My friend Susan and I were feeling adventurous, so we took a return cable car journey down to Happy Valley. The stone circle, gardens, waterfall and Alice in Wonderland sculptures were indeed a joy.
We surveyed the vista knowing that all MADYSS members were there, eating fish and chips, out on boat rides, engaging in a spot of retail therapy, perusing the pier, enjoying the prom and taking in the many delights Llandudno has to offer.

Glorious weather for the glorious view from Great Orme

Cable car down to Happy Valley

Welsh dragon illustration by Tina, our Artist in Residence

Coffee Morning, Gawsworth Methodist Hall - Thursday, 30 May
The Coffee Morning held at the Methodist Church Hall was well supported by the local community and by our own members. We raised a total of £354.23, which was fantastic!
Many thanks to those who provided prizes for the raffle, for the tombola, gave bric a brac items, or baked cakes and other goodies. A huge thank you to those from MADYSS who ran the stalls or helped with serving tea/coffee and washing up: Lesley, Kay Kennedy, Kay Evans, Colin, Tracey, Anne, John, Monica, Sue and Val. It was half-term so it was great that Sophie and Chloe (Sue and Keith’s granddaughters) came along and were eager to help out the MADYSS stall holders.

AGM, Macclesfield Tennis Club - Monday 13th May
The AGM on 13 May at Macclesfield Tennis Club was attended by 37 members. As it was the 20th anniversary of MADYSS, in addition to the normal Review of the Year’s activities by our Chair John, and the Treasurer’s Report presented by Judy, we had a special cake to celebrate the occasion and we each had a glass of bubbly too, with which to say here’s to MADYSS and the next 20 years. The John referred to the monthly outings in his Review, including coach trips to the National Arboretum, Port Sunlight, Cadbury World and the British Ironworks. He also thanked the families of members who had passed away for the In Memoriam donations that the Group has received.
Copies of the unaudited accounts for the year ended 5 April 2024 were made available by Judy as she gave her Treasurer’s Report. She noted how expensive coach outings are and then gave a number of examples to members.
Judy informed us that MADYSS had made a loss of £108 and stated that the loss would have been much greater if it were not for the generous donation of £1,176 that we had received from the Co op Community Fund.
Our special guest was no other than the Chester Town Crier. He entertained us for almost an hour with stories about how members of the public reacted to his daily performances. He related a number of funny encounters with American tourists, but as the one member of MADYSS who is American noted, his accent left something to be desired! He also told us a funny story about a bride who wanted her horse to be part of her wedding. The Town Crier valiantly agreed to sit on the horse after a few practices on the animal beforehand, so that when he rang his bell the horse didn’t jump out of its skin when he did so at the Church. The one thing he hadn’t practised was shouting out “oyez, oyez”, which the horse took exception to!

Chester’s Town Crier as he announces the 20th anniversary of MADYSS

The buffet was enjoyed by many attendees

World of Glass Coach Trip, St Helens - Tuesday 23rd April - Don Brown
Twenty-two members and two guests left The Flower Pot for our trip to St Helens Glass at around 10.15 am on a dullish but dry Tuesday morning, our driver Mustapha having some difficulties with the chairlift on our brand-new coach. A quick phone call and all was rectified, and throughout the remainder of our trip Mustapha proved to be a pleasant, helpful and attentive host.
We arrived at St Helens at around 11.00 am, the weather having by this time brightened somewhat. When we had safely disembarked, we were met by our guide for the day, Faye, who had laid on a very welcome “cuppa” to start the proceedings. The tour began with a visit to the museum. Those of us who had been on our previous visit would have noticed a re-worked and considerably improved layout to this facility with lots of hands- on features to play with; these caused much amusement to all!
Suitably replenished, those with the energy crossed the canal to the glass furnace beneath the distinctive cone chimney where we were given descriptions of the arduous tasks performed by the glass workers of old times, quenching their thirst from the sweltering heat with beer. Poor chaps!
After the essential visit to the gift shop, we re- joined our coach for the journey home, having had a very pleasant day out with great company once again.

Learning about St Helen’s Glass in the Museum

Tunnels where the cold air flow kept the workers cool

Bingo, Macclesfield Tennis Club - Saturday 23rd March
An enjoyable evening of bingo took place when 33 members and friends gathered for ten hard-fought rounds of this traditional game. Tracey Higgins was our proficient caller who came equipped with what appeared to be some very professional bingo paraphernalia. Generally, she managed to keep our rowdy rabble under control, which was in itself a remarkable achievement!
Two rounds for each bingo game involved first getting a winning row of numbers (shout “line”) and then a whole set of numbers (shout “house” or “bingo”). Simple enough, but some of us with a short-term memory had difficulty recalling whether we were on “line” or “house”. Other miscreants who had thought they’d won had to suffer the ignominy of Tracey’s able assistant Mandy returning checked sheets to these offenders.
Genuine winners were awarded with a variety of prizes including wine, gin, and given the time of year, Easter eggs naturally. At half-way we tucked into a tasty supper of meat and potato pie with mushy peas and red cabbage, or for the attendees seeking a healthier alternative, quiche with salad.
Sincere thanks go to the organisers of the evening, Anne Swindell and Kay Evans, and also to the kitchen serving staff and washing up helpers: Sue, Kay Kennedy, Sheila, and Anne. We would like to thank the Tennis Club and notably Margaret Jordan and Mike Beresford who acted as bartenders.

Pens and bingo sheets at the ready for MADYSS members and friends

Chilli Banana, Macclesfield - Saturday 25th February - Sue Stephenson Gallery
On a frosty but sunny day, 33 members and friends enjoyed a special Sunday banquet at the Chilli Banana in Macclesfield. All the usual starters were there: satay sticks, spring rolls, fish cakes, prawn and pork rolls, which were followed by a variety of Thai main dishes. All dietary needs were catered for, and we finished off with ice cream and coffee.
It was lovely to catch up with Roger Snelling and his daughter Heather, and with Margaret Barry who had travelled from Sheffield to join us.
Most of us retired home afterwards to rest, except for Monica who was off to a party. Don’t know where she got the energy from!

Bowling at the Macclesfield Superbowl Lyme Green - Wednesday 24 January Gallery
The Superbowl UK at Lyme Green Business Park was ready for us and well organised so a big thank you to Lisa, Nathan and the team. Sixteen people took part in our fun afternoon and then 18 of us enjoyed a very relaxing time plus nice food at The Rising Sun afterwards, where we were very well looked after by the lovely and cheerful Shelley.
John and Val were able to join us for our meal and once we were all full and comfy, John informed us of our winner for this year. Paul had hoped to defend his win from last year but was more than happy to be beaten into second place by a small margin by Mark Stansfield.
I'm sure that Mark, Alan and Barbara will not mind MADYSS members being reminded that last year Mark was very seriously ill in hospital after having suffered a severe stroke on New Year's Day 2023. This meant that although Alan and Barbara joined us for our meal last year where they were able to rest a little, they had been unable to join us for the bowling as they were spending many hours at the hospital hoping against hope for Mark’s recovery.
Huge congratulations must go to Mark for his win. It was lovely to see you on top form, enjoying your games and spending a lovely afternoon with your parents. It was so rewarding for us all to see you happily together again and, of course, it is what MADYSS is all about. Thank you to everyone who participated and for making it, once again, a very good event. A fun time was had by all and here's to next year.

Enjoying meals at The Rising Sun

Alan, Mark (the winner), and
Barbara Stansfield at the 10-pin bowling outing

Sylvia using the chute, ideal for those
unable to hold the bowling balls

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